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CacheNav (Palm OS)
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Requirements: Palm OS® 3.0 or later

CacheNav is a GPS navigation program, designed specifically for use with CacheMate. It receives and displays real-time information from a connected NMEA-compatible GPS receiver, or the one built into the Garmin iQue 3600. When launched as a CacheMate plugin, it provides "goto" navigation functionality. It has no waypoint database of its own, but relies on CacheMate for that.


  • Palm OS® 5/6 compatibility
  • Bluetooth GPS support
  • Support for WAAS/DGPS fix information (including satellite indication on the iQue)
  • Shares serial port settings with CacheMate
  • Customizable navigation display

This program makes use of the MathLib library. Source code is available on this site, in accordance with the GNU LGPL, under which it was published.

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