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This page is meant for techniques that people have come up with while using CacheMate, and want to share with other users. If you wish to submit any content for this page, please feel free to send it in. Your tip or trick, if posted, will be credited with your real name (obfuscated as with the user testimonials) and/or or your geocaching name... specify which one you want to display when you send your email.

Preserving puzzle cache notes

If you're working a puzzle cache or otherwise don't want to loose notes you've made on a given cache [in the description field]... change the waypoint by adding a dash and some letter/code. (eg GCGQ42 would become GCGQ42-P for Puzzle on my system). Now, next time you upload a newer pocket query, you won't have your notes (or corrected coordinates) over written.

-- Bill (Green Achers)

Decrypting multi-cache hints

I discovered that when decrypting multi-caches, or those with several different clues, I got more info sooner than I wanted it. To avoid this, there are several little steps:

  1. Make sure all clues start on a new line. Place an <enter> before each line (easier if they are numbered).
  2. Enter several <enter> strokes, until only the first clue is visible on screen.
  3. Now press the decrypt button.
  4. For the remaining clues to become visible, as you need them, enter a backspace before the first clue. The next line will now be visible.
-- Ian (Algonquin Bound)

Archiving/restoring the CacheMate database

The main reason to do something like this is to temporarily free up some memory in the PDA, then later restore the database.

To archive the database, make a copy of the Items-cMat PDB file from your Backup directory in Palm Desktop (assuming a Windows machine... details may be different for other platforms) and delete all entries from the database on the PDA. To restore the database, install the PDB file as you would any other, and Hotsync.

"Bookmarks" for nearest cache searches

A few people have been requesting the ability to store sets of coordinates for performing nearest cache searches. The capability is already there, if you use what CacheMate currently provides.

  1. Create one or more CacheMate records with coordinates of points you want to run those searches from.
  2. Select one of the records you've created.
  3. Select "Nearest Caches" from the Record menu. The coordinates of the current record will be copied into the coordinates prompt for the search.

You can also create a special category for these records, if it helps keep things organized.

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