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This page lists plugins that are available separately from the main CacheMate download, as well as updates to those that are included with it.

Address Book Export 1.1.2
Export waypoints to mapping software via Address Book (More Info)
Palm Download (ZIP)
CacheNav 1.0.6
GPS navigation companion for CacheMate
Palm Download (ZIP)
Cetus GPS Export 1.0
Export waypoints to Cetus GPS
Palm Download (ZIP)
Garmin GPS Query/Upload 1.3.3
Transfer waypoints to and get location from Garmin GPS receivers
Palm Download (ZIP)
Magellan GPS Upload 1.22
Transfer waypoints to Magellan GPS receivers
Palm Download (ZIP)
Magellan SD File Export 1.0
Export waypoints to Magellan SD card files
Palm Download (ZIP)
PathAway Export 1.0
Export waypoints to PathAway
Palm Download (ZIP)
UTM Entry 1.0
Enter UTM coordinates into CacheMate records
Palm Download (ZIP)

The following plugins are included in the CacheMate download file. Any updates made available between CacheMate releases will be available for download here.

Coordinate Formats 1.1.2
Reformat coordinates for current record
Distance Calculator 1.01
Distance conversion calculator
Garmin iQue GPS/Mapping 1.4.1
Interface with GPS and mapping in the Garmin iQue 3600
Palm Download (ZIP)
NMEA Query 1.1.6
Receive NMEA location information from GPS receiver
Palm Download (ZIP)
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