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Cachemate (Palm OS)
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Random crashing - Searches from overview display
A stability fix was put into 4.0.4 in an attempt to fix this problem, but apparently it still happens in certain rare occasions. Since I can't replicate this problem so that I can fix it, a switch is in the record view options popup (called, creatively enough, "Allow searches from overview") to control that feature and help prevent accidental crashes if you happen to have the problem.

Random crashing - GPS queries with older devices
Less often than the previous problem, some devices running OS versions earlier than 3.5 may crash when running a plugin that uses a progress dialog as the primary user interface. An example of this is the NMEA query plugin. The crash occurs when the Cancel button is tapped. The frequency of this bug is less often than that associated with the nearest cache search, and apparently can't be worked around for those devices that are affected (sometimes there's nothing that can be done with a bug in the OS).

Waypoint transfer with Tungsten T3
This is a known problem with the T3, due to a bug in its serial library, which affects CacheMate and other programs like it. This can be fixed with a specially wired cable (bridging the RTS and CTS lines on the PDA end), or in the commercial patch "T3 SerialFix".

Garmin iQue refresh problems with virtual Graffiti
If the virtual Graffiti area on a Garmin iQue is lowered while a popup form is displayed, the screen area left behind is not refreshed then or after the popup is dismissed. As far as I know, I'm handling screen refreshes properly... not sure what else I can do. The display can be refreshed by cycling the virtual Graffiti area once.

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