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Cachemate (Palm OS)
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Awards and Recognition

2003 SIA Nominee 2005 SIA Nominee

Listed in Geocaching for Dummies

Sites with Reviews

Clie Connections (part of his 4/25/2003 column)

User Testimonials

"Wonderful application for paperless caching!"
- Herbert K.

"I can't express just how useful this app is! This is the third Smittyware app that I've used, and the second one that I've registered. You won't find anything as useful for just six bucks!
"This may truly be the elusive Mobipocket replacement that everyone's been talking about. Yes, I currently use Mobi with my pocket query e-books, but for those of us with low-memory PDA's, this is the perfect solution. It's not just a reference tool, it's a cache 'journal' database, and you can record the details of your hunt while out in the field."

- Bart S.

"I've used Cachemate since the first ver. and thats all I'll use on my PDA. It is the easiest program to use and gives you all the info from the webpage, plus you can't beat the price."
- James P.

"Really appreciate the program. Cachemate on my handspring Treo 300 sprint phone and my GPS V are all I need."
- M. Miller

"CM is freakin' awesome! Once I mastered it I put it to work on a power-cache trip with 303 caches. Perfect. Everything I wanted, it did. A sterling piece of work."
- Warren W.

"I appreciate this app a TON. It was cool as a GC tool, it became cooler when you added nav support, I began to use it for benchmark hunting and that was cool. NOW it is my primary GC tool it is the only app I generally load any GC#'s into and just use your nav plugin to get me there. I use this app also for OTHER GPS based uses, I have a database of caves that I created in a GPX file that cachemate displays for me, I can make notes about stuff as I explore and have it with the other relivant info. I use it for my favorite camping spots, biking trails and any other stuff that I want MORE info with than a waypoint name, for those uses I have another app. This is the greatest."
- Robert N.

"I'd kept meaning to get around to trying out CacheMate, but kept getting sidetracked or busy on something else. However, while preparing for my Memorial Day Weekend caching, I was getting a little frustrated with Plucker's slowness in converting the GSAK HTML output. So, I started browsing around for other options, and noticed the GSAK support for CacheMate. To make a long story short, in a fraction of the time that it was taking for Plucker to do it's thing, I downloaded, installed, tested, and paid for CacheMate, and had every TerraCache in three states loaded up. Once I got used to it... using CacheMate/GSAK vs. Plucker/GSAK, is as big a difference as Plucker vs. printouts. All I'm wondering now is.. what the hell took me so long. Thanks for a fantastic tool!!!"
- AngryKid (aka skydiver)

"Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU for such an awesome piece of software in CacheMate! It's really nice not having to drag around a bundle of printouts, not to mention the cost of paper & printer ink. Combined with GSAK, no cache is safe! You're a real asset to the geocaching community."
- Lynn W.
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