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Thanks to our TrialPay program, we're able to offer for free the software that you would ordinarily have to purchase. All you have to do is select the software you want to register from the list below, then select and complete an offer from one of our trusted partners. With more than 30 affiliate partners and more than 100 offers to choose from, you're sure to find something you like!

Please note that you will receive a free registration for the selected software when you successfully sign up with or purchase from any of our affiliate partners during the TrialPay checkout. Not all affiliate services are free of charge. Please carefully review the terms and conditions.

For those of you that may question or dislike this sort of thing, TrialPay is legitimate. They do not sell, rent or lease information outside of what is necessary to make the trade work, and their agreements with advertising partners prevent those companies from doing the same.

  Palm OS Products
CacheMate 4.1.2
Geocaching database with hint decoder
Palm Download (ZIP) TrialPay Checkout
Last One 1.11
Multi-player Crazy Eights game
Palm Download (ZIP) TrialPay Checkout
upIRC 3.8.3
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client
Palm Download (ZIP) TrialPay Checkout
  Pocket PC Products
CacheMate 1.3.4a
Geocaching database with hint decoder
PPC Download (EXE) TrialPay Checkout
What is an OTA EXE?
  Windows Smartphone Products
CacheMate 1.0.8
Geocaching database with hint decoder
WMSP Download (CAB) TrialPay Checkout
  Google Android Products
CacheMate 1.3.6
Geocaching database with hint decoder
Android Download (APK) TrialPay Checkout
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