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Automated Support > Request Registration Code (Windows Mobile)

Enter the order number, email address, and product name corresponding to a previous order of yours, along with the Smittyware ID provided by the software. When the request is submitted, an email will be sent (usually within 30 minutes) containing the new registration code. Up to 4 additional codes may be requested per product purchase.

The email address used in this form must be the one that is associated with the order. Sending a code to another email address without an email change request for that order will not work.

WARNING: Processing a registration code request does not involve a check for duplicate requests. Before requesting a new code, use the order information query to make sure that you do not already have a code matching a given Smittyware ID. Duplicate registration codes are not refundable and do count against the limit of 5 codes per purchase.

Order number
Email address
Smittyware ID
Do not enter registration codes here!

You may perform up to 5 automated support requests every 24 hours, and one registration code request per order every 6 hours. This is to prevent abuse of the system.

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