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Cachemate (Pocket PC)
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This page lists plugins that are available separately from the main CacheMate download, as well as those that are included with it.

Colorado Notes Export 1.0.0
Export log notes to Garmin Colorado notes file.
PPC Download (ZIP)
Garmin Serial Query/Transfer 1.0.0
Waypoint transfer and GPS query with Garmin receivers
PPC Download (ZIP)
Generic CSV Export 1.0.0
Need a simple CSV file? Here you go.
PPC Download (ZIP)
KML Export 1.0.0
Export records to KML files
PPC Download (ZIP)
LOC XML Export 1.0.1
Export records to LOC XML files
PPC Download (ZIP)
Magellan Serial Transfer 1.0.0
Waypoint transfer with Magellan receivers
PPC Download (ZIP)
Magellan SD File Export 1.0.2
Export waypoints to Magellan SD card files
PPC Download (ZIP)
MapTech MXF Export 1.0.0
Export records to MapTech MXF files
PPC Download (ZIP)
OziExplorer Export 1.0.2
Export records to OziExplorer WPT files
PPC Download (ZIP)
Pocket Streets Export 1.0.0
Export records to Microsoft Pocket Streets 2002 or later
PPC Download (ZIP)
PocketMap Navigator Export 1.0.0
Export records to PocketMap Navigator
PPC Download (ZIP)
Spoiler Sync Integration 1.0.1
Integrate CacheMate with Spoiler Sync
PPC Download (ZIP)
TomTom POI Export 1.0.1
Export records as TomTom POIs (OV2 format)
PPC Download (ZIP)

The following plugins are included in the CacheMate download file.

Broadcom Bluetooth 1.0.0
NMEA GPS interface using Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth stack
CacheNav 1.0.3
GPS navigation companion for CacheMate
Coordinate Formats 1.0.0
Reformat coordinates for current record
Distance Calculator 1.0.0
Distance conversion calculator
Garmin iQue GPS/Mapping 1.0.2
Interface with GPS and mapping in the Garmin iQue Mx series
GPS Location Query 1.0.0
Query current location from a GPS receiver
GPX Export 1.0.9
Export one or more records to GPX files
GPX/LOC Import 1.0.12
Import records from GPX/LOC formatted XML files
PPC Download (ZIP)
HTML Notes Report 1.0.3
View log notes as an HTML document
NMEA MS Bluetooth 1.0.1
NMEA GPS interface using Microsoft Bluetooth stack
NMEA Serial 1.0.0
NMEA serial GPS interface
Waypoint Projection 1.0.0
Project waypoints from selected record
WM5 GPS Interface 1.0.1
Interface with the GPS driver in WM5 and later
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