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upIRC (Palm OS)
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   Palm Download (ZIP)

Price: $10 USD
Requirements: Palm OS® 3.0 or later, Modem or network connection

upIRC (formerly apIRC) is a fully RFC-compliant client for Internet Relay Chat (IRC) servers, packed with a wide range of features.


  • Hi-res support for Sony and Handera devices
  • Up to 30 display windows (10 channels, 20 private conversations)
  • Palm OS® 5 compatible
  • DCC chat support
  • Custom font support (uses FontHack-compatible fonts)
  • Command auto-completion
  • Log to DOC database or VFS memory card

Companion PQA

The upIRC Companion PQA has been discontinued, as few if any current devices support that format. You may still find the server directory at

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