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Site news and announcements exist in two categories, "published" and "unpublished". Both are displayed on the front page of the main and mobile sites, as well as included in the RSS feed, but published announcements are also included in mailing list and Twitter updates. Published updates tend to be the major ones and of interest to existing customers, which unpublished updates tend to be more minor or of interest to people visiting the site for the first time.

Below, you will find more information on the different avenues for finding out what's going on around here:

RSS News Feed

A list of site news headlines are available in the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) 2.0 format, which several news and portal systems understand. The URL to access this format is:

[Valid RSS]

For those LiveJournal users out there, this news feed has already been syndicated through that system, and is available for adding to your friends list.

Mobile Edition

The mobile edition of this site ( is a handheld-friendly formatting of recent site news. The mobile edition also works with WAP browsers, such as some modern cellular phones and certain web browsers for PDAs.

Mailing List

The updates mailing list distributes site announcements in both plain text and HTML email formats. To manage your subscription to it, log in and click the "Control Panel" link near the top of the page.


Published updates are also sent to a Twitter account, for use by members of that site, in the form of a headline and link to the full text of the announcement.


We can now be found on Facebook! Visit the page, become a fan, and receive updates on future news and releases.

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