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TiVoBridge man page, converted using manServer.


tivobridge - TiVo/mDNS packet repeater daemon




tivobridge [-c config_file] [-f] [-h] [-u username] [-v]


tivobridge is a packet repeater for both the TiVo discovery beacon and (if enabled) Multicast DNS protocols. It is intended as a way for TiVo boxes and other devices or programs that use either of those (normally single-subnet) protocols to see each other across routers in a complex local network.

When the daemon starts, it opens a raw socket for forwarding, as well as listener sockets for both protocols that it works with. A configuration file is used to direct packet forwarding operations for both protocols, which may be tailored to fit nearly any network configuration.


-c config_file
  Specify an alternate configuration file for TiVoBridge. The default is tivobridge.conf, located in the system configuration directory.
-f Run TiVoBridge in the foreground. This also enables a debug mode, displaying messages that are written to the system log and those related to packet forwarding activity.
-h Display program version and usage information.
-u username
  Specify the user as which the program should run. If the username is invalid or not specified, nobody is used by default. TiVoBridge drops root privileges after initialization, and will not run if it cannot.
-v Display program version and copyright.


The TiVoBridge configuration file resembles an INI file in its structure, with name=value pairs divided into sections. Each section header and name/value pair is on a line by itself, and blank lines and those starting with # are ignored.

There are currently three possible section headers, [tivo], [mdns] and [options], the first two of which correspond to the TiVo beacon and Multicast DNS protocols. Each non-options section is a packet forwarding "rule", and may occur one or more times in a configuration file with different parameters for each type of forwarding required. It is possible for multiple forwarding rules to be matched and executed in response to a single incoming packet.

Each forwarding rule contains some or all of the following parameters:
from IP address or subnet (using CIDR notation) that is compared against an incoming packet’s source IP to determine whether or not it should be forwarded. If none are specified for a particular rule, all packets match.
  IP address or subnet (using CIDR notation) that is compared against an incoming packet’s source IP to determine whether or not it should not be forwarded. A packet is only forwarded if it passes any "from" matching and fails to pass any "notfrom" matching.
origin Source IP address for use when forwarding packets. There should be only one of these specified in a forwarding rule, if any. If not specified, the source IP from the incoming packet will be used.
to Destination IP addresses for packet forwarding. There may be more than one of these per rule, but there must be at least one for a rule to be considered.
The [options] section contains global configuration options for TiVoBridge. The following option is currently supported:
  IP address of network interface to listen on. One or more interfaces may be specified, and if none are specified TiVoBridge will accept input from any interface.


SIGHUP Force reload of the configuration file.
  Shut down the server.
The result of sending any other signals to the server is undefined.


  Contains configuration data for tivobridge.


tivobridge is free; anyone may redistribute copies of it to anyone under the terms stated in the GNU General Public License, a copy of which accompanies each copy of tivobridge.
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