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Do you like using Socializer, but wish the management of events in your calendar was more automated? There's an app for that! Technically, it's a web script, but you get the idea. To use it, insert your Meetup API Key into the following URL where indicated, log into the Google Calendar web site, and add the feed (by URL, of course) to your "Other calendars" list.


When the calendar feed is added, all new events in your groups will be displayed, as well as recent events to which you have RSVPed "Yes" or "Maybe". If you'd rather not see new events to which you haven't RSVPed in the feed, use the following URL instead:


The URLs that are shown in event descriptions behave differently, depending on whether you're accessing them on your Android phone or on a computer. On your phone, they will cause Socializer to display the event data. On your computer, they will take you to the event page at

API Key Security

Your API key is used only for the purpose of retrieving your member ID and event list. After that, it is securely stored for a short time (no more than 7 hours), for the purpose of preventing applications that query the feed often from wasting your API request quota (100 requests/hour). For the same reason, the returned iCalendar data is cached for 1-2 hours.

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