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Getting Started

When Socializer is first started, it will attempt to link with your account, and during that process will take you to the site to ask for authorization. At this point, you either need to login to your account (if you haven't already) or sign up for one. Once you have authorized Socializer to access your account, it is ready for use. You may re-authorize the app, as needed, by accessing the Settings screen.

Most of the main menu options should be self-explanatory. My Groups and My Events are based on what meetup groups you have joined. Activity Feed mirrors the "What's Happening?" section of your home page. Search allows you to find nearby groups by entering a search term, selecting from a list of matching meetup topics, and then choosing from a list of matching groups within a configurable radius (up to 100 miles).

If enabled, Socializer will check periodically for new events in groups that you have joined. If it finds any, it will post a notification to that effect. Events that were created or updated in the last week will appear in italics in event lists.

RSVPs and Photo Uploading

You are only allowed to RSVP or upload photos for events in groups that you have joined. Socializer tracks group membership with the My Groups list, which it tries to update daily. If RSVP or photo upload are disabled for an event that you are sure that you should have access to, try manually refreshing the My Groups list, as it might not have captured the change.

To RSVP, navigate to an event and choose RSVP from the options menu. If the event requires RSVP questions to be answered, you will be taken to the web site to complete the process, otherwise a dialog will appear for you to enter your response.

To upload a photo, select Send Photo from the event's options menu. You will then be able to select an image from the Gallery app. Socializer will also work with other apps via Android's support for sharing/sending content. Android's Camera app has a "share" function, as do other file managers for Android.

Data Caching Behavior

In order to reduce the need for network access, Socializer caches data retrieved from It will normally try to auto-refresh this data (as needed) after it has been cached for 2 hours, and will delete old data from its cache database after 3-4 days. The cache may be manually cleared at any time via the Settings screen.

This default behavior can be changed, if needed, and Socializer can be made to act as offline storage of meetup group and event information by disabling the cleanup of old data via the Settings screen. Data refresh will still happen, if you have a network connection, but old data will be kept in the cache database until you re-enable normal data cleanup or manually clear the cache. Even in this offline storage mode, though, Socializer will still react to system notifications of very low available storage space by automatically clearing its cache. API Limitations

Like any other client of the API, Socializer is subject to certain limitations imposed by that API, whether they be intentional or the result of oversight.

Rate Limitations clients are usually limited to 100 API calls per hour, and up to 200 data items (groups, events, photo albums, etc.) per API call. Socializer deals with this by caching results, but also imposes its own result set limits at 200 items for meetup topic searches, and 400 items for everything else.

RSVP Limitations does not currently support RSVPs via their API when questions are involved. For that reason, Socializer will direct you to their mobile web site in those cases instead of presenting its own RSVP interface. Also, your current RSVP status is returned in event information from the site, but that status information is limited to your basic response (yes, no, maybe). If you responded with a comment or that you will be bringing guests, it is best to view the event online (there is a menu option for that) and edit your RSVP that way.

No Discussion Boards
This is another thing for which there is no support in the Meetup API. If and when that support is added, it will be investigated as a possible feature for Socializer.

Few Organizer Features
The Meetup API currently supports very little when it comes to group organizer features, but Socializer uses most of what is available. Currently supported organizer features are:

  • Display of answers to RSVP questions
  • Creation of non-event photo albums
  • Specify attendee count when rating event (event host feature)
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