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Release - Socializer 1.1.7 (Google Android) (August 17, 2010) 0 comments
A couple of bug fixes are included in this release, as well as improvements on how things are handled with event check-ins and background list loading.

Release - CacheMate 1.3.6 (Google Android) (August 17, 2010) 0 comments
This release changes the way that CacheMate interacts with multimedia hardware, which should improve compatibility with certain devices, and should resolve the problem that some have had with GPS hardware not being used for compass navigation when it's enabled. It also adds the ability to track your current location in the map view (Hint: check the options menu for that screen), as well as a few new options to control what is shown in the list view.

This is the first CacheMate release to use Google's new license checking service, which should resolve problems with newer devices and OS updates not seeing the program in Android Market, as well as those using non-"blessed" firmware versions on their devices.

Release - Socializer 1.1.5 (Google Android) (July 24, 2010) 0 comments
This release catches the app up with the current capabilities of the API with the addition of viewing and posting photo comments. It also adds another event filtering option and support for "chapter message" event types in the activity feed.

Release - Socializer 1.1.2 (Google Android) (July 7, 2010) 0 comments
This release fixes a couple of problems with background data syncing. It also adds a few UI and functionality enhancements.

Release - Socializer 1.1.1 (Google Android) (June 26, 2010) 0 comments
This release fixes a couple of crash bugs. It also contains a number of small improvements and fixes, primarily related to background data sync and handling of events that are full.

Thanks to efficiency improvements and fixes in list thumbnail loading and caching, thumbnails are now available in RSVP and group comment/member lists. These are not shown by default, but are easily enabled from the app's settings screen.

Release - Socializer 1.1.0 (Google Android) (June 22, 2010) 0 comments
This application has become quite solid since the initial release roughly two months ago. This latest update adds optional thumbnails to some of the more commonly used list views, as well as a few other UI improvements.

Release - QueueIt! 1.0.2 (Google Android) (June 8, 2010) 0 comments
This is a quick release to address a change in Boxee's servers that was breaking the ability to add items to the queue. It also adds an IMDb link to item detail views, when that info is available, and support for compression when downloading the queue list in order to conserve bandwidth.

Support for adding videos from sources besides YouTube is still very much a work in progress. Hopefully it'll be out soon.


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